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<p>Game Ever Studios has brought a retro gamers dream to iOS in the form of Juanito Arcade Mayhem, a mishmash of a ton of retro games into one big adventure.</p><p>You play as Juanito who, Wreck-It-Ralph style, gets trapped in an arcade cabinet and has to save the games from creatures that are corrupting the code. You make your way through rather familiar settings - y'know, ones with a giant monkey on top of scaffolding and ones with tetrominoes that fall down the screen.</p><p>The game plays a bit like Space Invaders - you shoot your laser gun upwards, defending yourself while also drifting left and right to avoid being hit with projectiles. But you can also collect power-ups that'll make your gun stronger or grant you special abilities. Based on the trailer, the firefights can get rather intense and action-packed.</p>.

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