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<p>CaptainSparklez has launched his free to play competitive tower defence game Fortress Fury on iOS and Android.</p><p>Set in a fantasy land called Forterra, the idea is to summon soldiers and build fortresses with arcane magic and alchemy to defend your home from attackers.</p><p>The game focuses on real-time multiplayer matches so your opponents will be other players. These can be friends you've invited, or random players in globally ranked matches.</p><p>While building your fortress you can choose from thousands of combinations of weapons and building materials. Loot can be collected to open up new materials.</p><p>There are also Energy Crystals to be used to "boost your potential." You can earn these in-game and also buy them with real money.</p>.

GAME NAME Legend Of Maratha Warriors

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com.sigmateam.Legend Of Maratha Warriors.free

Idle Light City(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.30.6):

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